Creating Jobs for Hard Working West Virginians


West Virginians realize that our state infrastructure is in dire need of repair and maintenance. By focusing on our needs here in West Virginia – on roads, bridges, pipelines, and broadband all over the state – we will not only create jobs, but we will strengthen our state’s economic foundation. Improving our infrastructure will create a solid economic backbone, leading to more investment from businesses and creating thousands of new, good-paying jobs.


Small businesses are the job-creating engine of a healthy economy. West Virginia small businesses have been put in a stranglehold by our current congressman who prefers to cater to huge corporations and lobbyists. It’s time we had a voice fighting to grow our economy and create good-paying jobs right here at home – not just in other states and not in other countries, but right here in the Mountain State.


Medical marijuana is also a job-creating industry, that other states are making millions from. Kendra will push to make West Virginia one of the top job creators in this industry, bringing jobs back, and bringing our families and our neighbors back to our state. The federal government is getting in the way of our state law and we need a leader who will help pave the way forward.