What is Kendra's position on Healthcare?


Americans need healthcare. It shouldn’t matter how much money someone makes; everyone should be able to get medicine when sick, or vitamins and ultrasounds when pregnant, or treatment when suffering from drug addiction. West Virginians work hard for this country, sometimes at the sacrifice of their health. Ensuring one of their most basic needs – healthcare – is met is the least we can do to thank them for their service. But healthcare also shouldn’t just be contingent on service, it should be valued as a basic freedom. It’s time all West Virginians live free in the security of knowing that having appendicitis, or a child addicted to drugs, or a parent in a nursing home does not have to turn deadly and will not ruin them financially.

What is Kendra's position on Economy/Jobs?


Economy/Jobs – A healthy economy is not something West Virginians have been able to rely on for a long time. Jobs are hard to come by, they don’t pay much when they do, and families and communities are struggling. And yet, the only idea our Representative has is the same one politicians have been trying for decades: give tax breaks to the wealthy and the money will drip, drip, drip into the community. But it doesn’t. We’ve been patient. We’ve watched our investments in our communities (our tax dollars) go to those who already have so much. But there are so many ways West Virginians can thrive today and our future is limitless. We still have abundant natural resources below and above ground, including rich soil, a temperate climate, plenty of running and rain water, and blue skies. The majority of towns in the West Virginia First District are within three hours of a major metropolitan area that has a marketplace for what we can build, grow, and generate. We need innovative, open minded, and an optimistic leadership to seek out every opportunity and fight for resources to support infrastructure, small business, and finally get broadband throughout the district so that West Virginians can be free to live where they want without worrying that their community will fade away and leave nothing for their children.

What is Kendra's position on Education?


Education – Education is one of our oldest and most important freedoms. When a child struggles in school and the school doesn’t have the resources to address the child’s needs, that child is not living free. And that child grows up without the freedom to choose her own path to prosperity. Too many kids in the West Virginia First District do not go to schools that have resources to provide the excellent education they need to thrive in a changing economy. Our kids would benefit from incentives for new teachers to commit to staying in West Virginia, standards that are consistent but flexible enough to translate at a local level so schools can provide appropriate education for their students, and resources for innovative programs designed to support and educate kids who live in poverty and hunger are crucial first steps.

What Is Kendra's position on David McKinley's track record on healthcare?


Over the last couple of weeks, voters in the West Virginia First have been receiving a glossy tri-fold mailing from David McKinley, who pats himself on the back for his vote for the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said would kick 14 million Americans out of their healthcare plans by next year. The AARP said the bill could cost many older West Virginians "$6,332 to $8,482 more per year" for healthcare (and inflict a lot of pain district-wide).

Despite knowing all of this, Rep. McKinley voted for the bill, which he reports in the mailer under a heading that says, "Promises Kept." Is this the kind of promise we want our Representative to make? If you don't think so, join Team Kendra!

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