Stopping the Opioid Epidemic


It is imperative that Congress set politics aside to focus on putting an end to the opioid crisis. Currently, our state leads the nation in overdose deaths. This is NOT acceptable and we deserve leaders who will walk the walk and get things done – not just wag fingers and grandstand while more and more West Virginians die every day from overdoses.

The opioid crisis is a public health emergency. For decades, Congress has worked to criminalize victims of addiction, and the war on drugs has proven to be completely ineffective. Kendra will work tirelessly to put a stop to the ineffective war on drugs and work to hold big corporations accountable while creating pathways to better treatment options for families who suffer from opioid addiction.

Kendra's comprehensive plans to attack the opioid crisis involve increasing the availability of the life-saving drug, naloxone. This drug has saved countless lives and it is imperative that we make it more available to first responders and family members.

We must hold big drug companies accountable. This multi-billion-dollar industry is lining their pockets while our neighbors, friends, and loved ones are suffering the life-ending consequences of addiction. As a family law professor, Kendra has dedicated her career to serving West Virginia families, and protecting our loved ones is a fight she’ll keep up until there’s a solution!