What Is Kendra's position on David McKinley's track record on healthcare?


Over the last couple of weeks, voters in the West Virginia First have been receiving a glossy tri-fold mailing from David McKinley, who pats himself on the back for his vote for the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said would kick 14 million Americans out of their healthcare plans by next year. The AARP said the bill could cost many older West Virginians "$6,332 to $8,482 more per year" for healthcare (and inflict a lot of pain district-wide).

Despite knowing all of this, Rep. McKinley voted for the bill, which he reports in the mailer under a heading that says, "Promises Kept." Is this the kind of promise we want our Representative to make? If you don't think so, join Team Kendra!