Dog Park Etiquette

Friends of Hance Dog Park is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable place for dogs to run and play. The City of Phoenix Dog Park Rules and Regulations apply in Hance Dog Park and can be found at

In addition to the City of Phoenix Department of Parks and Recreation Dog Park Rules and Regulations, Friends has developed the following guidelines to help ensure the enjoyment of the dog park by all.

Guidelines for Canine Users

● Healthy dogs only please! If your dog is ill, please stay at home until he/she is well again.

● Vaccinated dogs only.

● No puppies under 4 months old. They won’t have had all the necessary inoculations that allow them to play safely with other animals.

Guidelines for Human Users

● Know and respect the Dog Park Rules and Regulations and help promote understanding and respect of the rules by all users.

● Owners or custodians are responsible for the acts and conduct of their dog(s) at all times.

● Never leave your dog unattended or out of sight.

● Pick up your dogs’ poop! Trashcans are located around the park for bagged poop disposal.

● Bring small plastic bags from home for poop disposal.

● Help everyone to be a good citizen by politely reminding others to clean after their dogs. If you get a reminder, please accept it in good cheer and pick up the poop!

● All dogs need to be kept on leash until they are within the staging cage. This includes the parking lot.  The entry/exit area can be a “hot spot” for barrier aggression.   Keeping dogs leashed until within the staging cage promotes safe gate entry/exit for all.

● Allow dogs that are in the staging cage to enter/exit before you entering.

● Remove leashes in the staging care before you enter the off-leash area. Removing leashes helps prevent “leash aggression” and promotes healthy interaction within the off-leash area.

● Close all gates to the dog park and the staging cage after entering or exiting.

● Smoking is not allowed in the dog park or in Hance Park.  Eating is not allowed in the either park.  Cigarette butts and food wrappers may be tempting treats to some dogs, but can create health problems if eaten.

● Please don’t offer treats to other peoples’ dogs without permission. Some dogs are on special diets or training regimens or allergic to certain foods.

● No children under the age of 12.

How to Play Nice at the Park

● Monitor your dog’s play – if your dog begins to play rough or becomes destructive or unruly, please take preventative measures, including removing the dog from the park. Don’t wait for a problem to develop!

● Be respectful of park neighbors by minimizing noise and disturbance: Don’t allow your dog to bark excessively. Don’t play your car radio loudly and keep conversations in low tones, especially when using the park after dark.

● No destructive behavior please! Please prevent your dog from digging holes or chewing on plants.

● Watch for aggressive or anti-social behavior: If your dog engages in aggressive or anti-social behavior, you must remove the dog immediately from the park.  Mounting, nipping, dominating  Anti-social behavior can be as simple as chasing and nipping at heels

● If your dog gets in a fight, safety first!   Many dog bites happen when someone tries to separate fighting dogs. Clap, make lots of noise- anything to distract them.  Then remove the dog from the park immediately. Even if your dog did not initiate the fight, it’s good policy to remove your dog to give him/her a chance to cool down and recover.

● If your dog bites another dog or owner, please immediately remove the dog from the park.

● Please share your toys.  If you bring balls or toys to the park, please allow all dogs to play with them. If you have a special toy or ball that your dog is not willing to share 100%, please don’t bring it to the park.

● The small dog park is for dogs 20 pounds or less.  Puppies should not be in the small park, regardless of their size.

● Small dogs are welcome in the large dog park if they “play nice” with the large dogs. However, any dog under 20 pounds must immediately leave the large dog area upon request from any large dog owner or custodian.